Monday, November 22, 2010

A moments rest

In my life, I've come to associate normalcy with happiness. As jacked up as it is to say, in my life there, hasn't been a moment of unconditional bliss that I can recall. There was always something that was wrong and needed to be taken care of. Bills, food, jobs, being undoc etc. No matter how good things got, there was always something that seemed to ruin the moment. Even at an early age, I knew my family wasn't "normal" because how we lived and the things we had to do to survive, that much I knew. That's when I started associating "normalcy" with happiness and over the weekend I was finally able to make the connections in a way that made sense to me. An epiphany of sorts.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Living it up with the Dead

As the years keep adding up and the more I mature as an individual, I look forward to Dia de los Muertos with growing anticipation every year now. Maybe it's because of all the celebrations, shows and events going on through out the city, which there are plenty of, but for me, having one foot on both sides of life, I see things differently. I was born with a hole in my heart and was operated on when I was merely days/hours old. Can't remember which. I know I was born missing something and considering I was born with death at my side, plus having numerous near death experiences, death doesn't scare me like it does other folks. I embrace the day when it's my time to go and even though friends and loved ones have transitioned this year, there's a sense of ease and peace once as time goes on. An understanding of their lives and why we'll never forget them and continue to honor them.