Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matricula vs Passport

The other day, my cousin sent me a text asking me whether one had to make an appointment at the Mexican Consulate to get your Matricula I.D. I told him I wouldn't know anymore, all I get is the passport, I don't bother with the matricula anymore. When I told him that, he took it as a sign of me being ashamed of being Mexican. He tried putting me on blast by telling me that I'd rather carry an over sized passport vs the ID because it makes it look like I came here legally. My reply to him was to let me know how things work out next time the cops pull him over and he shows his matricula.

Anywho, One has to make an appointment to get the passport, but in reality, it's pointless because you're still waiting in long lines going from one window to another. What they're really doing is just making folks make appointments so they can wait in line at different times, a sort of reverse fast pass if you will. So what the difference between a matricula and a passport? Lemme break it down for ya.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Undocumented Kitties

As dumb as this seems, it's just as hilarious. Found them through facebook and they're from the talented Rio YaƱez. I've seen his/her (?) art before through a friend and have always been a fan. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 'undocumented' online presence

Facebook map of where I have been
The irony of being undocumented in this country but having an online presence doesn't escape me. There was a time in life in which I was terrified of being discovered by ICE, police etc. because of my status. I would blog and share my stuff with more of an anonymous tone to it. But now adays, I can't go a day without updating/checking my facebook or twitter accounts, checking into four square or making my digital presence known. Funny how things works like that right?

For the longest time I would hate on folks who used instagram, four square etc. mostly because that shit can get annoying sometimes. A case of over sharing really, which is something that has only come about with so many folks having internet through their phones. For a few years, that was my only form of internet use since I didn't have a computer, but with so many apps and games now, it's getting ridiculous.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two years later: Tam and Cinthya

I never got to know them as much as others did. Just hearing about the kind of persons they are from friends and family is enough for me to know that they're amazing women with out a doubt. It was watching Tam on youtube that I first heard someone share their story. She talked about being stateless, the stuff undoc students/immigrants have to face etc. It blew my mind back then because unbeknownst to me, organizations and groups were forming all over the country. Dreamers coming together to carve their niche in the road.

The movement is more or less 10 yrs old now and things continue to constantly change. Tam and Cinthya  were leaders both in that they're first generation dreamers that paved the ways for others and that they knew how important it was for undoc students to fight for their rights and put themselves in the lime light. Back then it was a huge deal, but today it's getting to the point of parody, to me anyway, it's different for everyone.

I've also been reading the new book that came out on them, "Undocumented and Unafraid: Tam Tran and Cinthya Felix and the immigrant youth movement". Reading all the essays and memories friends have shared in the book really hit the heart. Considering how crazy things were in my life and in the movement two years ago, it's kinda surprising to see both myself and the movement still going strong, different, but still going. But one thing is for sure, it would have never got to where it's at without Tam and Cinthya.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

On updating the blog & myself

Been moving around the last days/weeks or so and I'm just starting to get settled in again with things. For one, I moved !! Where to? I'll let folks figure that out on their own eventually. But things just weren't working out where I was before and after a year, I pretty much wore out my welcome. Which happens often to me so much so, that I can read the signs and passive aggressive actions/comments as my cue to get outta there. And like a tumbling leaf in the wind, I find myself relocating yet again.

I paused for a minute thinking about how I've been living this way, crashing from one place to another, since 07 and I got to thinking as to how long am I going to keep living this way. I'm turning 28 this summer and that those questions of 'what are you doing with your life' keep creeping on you.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

What I remember versus Google Maps

View Larger Map

As it stands, when I share my story about how I got to the US, I go with what I've always know. That we were living at my great grandmas ranch in La Huacana, Michoacan Mexico. My aunt and uncle drove me across the border by me pretending to be my cousin, who was also seven yrs old and a US citizen. Anyway, way I tell the story is that I went to slept in the car ride in Michoacan and I woke up in Boyle Heights.

Ok, so not too long ago, someone on facebook mentioned to me that I had my story all wrong. That it doesn't take one night to get from Michoacan to Boyle Heights. The person felt kinda bad telling me this cause this is how I share my story. Pero, they are right. If you look at the google map above, it would have taken about two days to get there. Now I'm thinking that we were getting ready to make the trip, my family must have met my aunt and uncle half way through. I can't really remember that far back, and I could just ask my mom what happened, but I like having a little mystery in my story. That way it';; stay relavent.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Video tutorial on completing the CA Dream Act application

This is pretty self explanatory. The following link is to a video presentation by Bryan Dickason of the California Student Aid Commission on how to complete the CA Dream Act application. Ive' already shared a guide that answers questions and links to find the application, so this is just supplemental info to all that stuff. The video is in English and in Spanish, so I hope folks share it far and wide.

What I think vs What I say vs What I do

Last couple of weeks have been put me in a pensive mode, more so than usual. To add to that, I've been catching up on some comics that have also added not only to me being pensive, but just making me think over all. Reading Spider-man: Blue made me feel, well blue. It's a tear jerker for sure and aside from making me dream some weird stuff I can't remember, it just added to the over all ambiguity I'm feeling as of late. The repeating pattern that is my life and being reminded that it has no point. I hate it because I just start questioning things, thinking about the future and making needless comparisons to things and/or others.

I find myself in repetitive moments in which I'm having an ongoing conversation that has lasted six years. I'll run into someone I haven't seen in a while, they ask what I'm doing and I tell them that I'm still at ELAC still trying to transfer outta there. Still trying to make ends meat any way I can working here and there and still doing dream act stuff. Same old song and dance but just a different night and outfit. It fucking depresses the shit outta me sometimes and yet I let it go on. I play my part in the charade by going through the motions. Pantomiming my life away as I do nothing but complain and criticize things as I see them through my narrow and limited view.