Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Born Day Reflections at 30

And thus the passage of time marked by life is upon me once again. It took me a while to own it, but I'm maturing quite nicely if I do say so myself. I like older Erick versus younger Erick. Things make a lot more sense these days then they ever have. As if some sort of veil was lifted and all of a sudden I got a hold of all this maturity I never knew I had. Trips me out sometimes.

None the less, I be 30 years old. For all the societal hype that's place on specific numbers in one's lifetime, this is one of those numbers in which a big deal is made. No longer in my twenties, jokes galore about getting older, and of course the ever looming pressure of being successful and/or accomplished. Whether it's self imposed or from outside forces, 30 is touted as the age in which an individual has their shit together and is on the path they're going to follow the rest of their life. Continually building atop a foundation set in their 20s that will continue into the 30s and beyond. Mean while, I'm over here trying to level up all my pokemon to level 100.