Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am AmeriKKKas Most Wanted

I have been a criminal for more than 18 years
I have spent my life on the run
Hidding in the shadows and staying on the down low
I have lied about my name
I have lied about being a US Citizen
Yet I have never pretended to be anyone but myself
Undocumented and Unafraid
Unafraid to stand up against the wrongs of society
Unafraid to protest in the streets of L.A.
Unafraid to live my life the way I want to
But it's all a superficial lie
I am afraid I will loose my friends
Afraid that their lives will be stolen from them
Afraid that evil will prevail against good
That the xenophobes, nativist and racist that scapegoat that them there illegal aliens on societies problems
We cannot and will not lose
How can we lose when we have truth and justice on our side ?
Continuing the same legacy of truth and justice started by those before us
Ignorant are those that blame Mexicans for the oil spill
For the polar ice caps melting
For taking their jobs washing dishes, baby sitting, mowing their lawns, cooking their food and washing their cars
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted
I am wanted for working and putting myself through school
I am wanted for getting a college education
I am wanted for not dropping out of high school and making something of myself
I am wanted for trying to improve my neighborhood and mentoring youth
I am wanted because I am not a drain on society
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted because I have a DREAM
That one day, we will be free at last

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gone drinkin'

Growing up and seeing all the STUPID and IGNORANT things my father did because of his beer drinking, I never wanted to drink beer because I didn't want to become him. I still have vivid memories of him playing loud music at two in the morning, talking all sorts of nonsense with whoever he was drinking with at the time, buying food and spending money like it was nothing. The worst memories that part of me wish I could forget are those of the times he would get drunk and start fighting with my mom'z and beat on her. Him throwing up in the middle of the night and getting it all over the place, my mom having to clean it up. When he wouldn't be able to find or get to a bathroom and pee himself. When he would drive drunk because there was no one else who could drive us home. Those are the kinds of experiences I had growing up that made me decide that I never wanted to touch beer.

Monday, June 14, 2010


There seems to be some differences in the over all movement for immigrants rights. It basically comes down to individuals fighting for the passage of the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill and everyone else. Now, when I write everyone else, I mean all the major orgs that make their money organizing people to fight for immigration reform. Everything is reaching a boiling point and both sides are fighting with each other, playing some sort of blame game that isn't getting anything done. RIFA and other orgs are taking in money because they say they support the DREAM Act, which they do but almost only in name really. They haven't done anything or supported any of the actions and movement to get it as a stand alone bill.

Monday, June 07, 2010

It's coming

The dream is coming
coming to a television, computer and face near you
you keep ignoring the issue that immigration reform won't pass this year
year that has been filled with ups and downs
downs that seem to get deeper and deeper every time you fall
fall, spring, summer or winter we will not stop working to pass the dream act now
now that I have your attention, please direct it to the upper right hand corner of the room
room full of hopes and dreams
dreams that need to be realized before they fade away
away into the distance of the wind
wind that changes the path of destiny for those caught in it
it was soo long ago when we were brought into this country
country that has become our adoptive home
home is where the heart is here in L.A.
L.A. is where you learn to live and die
die before you see your full potential be fully utilized
utilized by a world that leeches off those who don't know better
better to live on your feet than die on your knees
knees that begin to buckle as the wight of the world starts to become too much
much adu about nothing because time is passing us by
by the way can you please sign this petition and make this call to help the cause
cause I said so mutha fucker
fucker that would rather see his brothers and sisters continue to suffer than admitting that they're wrong
wrong about trying to pass immigration reform and not the dream act
act that we will have to continue on with because we can't be ourselves all the time
time stands still when you are waiting for your dream to come true
true that we are only getting older and the youth that helped start the movement are turning into adults
adults that think they know what's best for the movement but they're just trying to get paid
paid to continue on with the cause because we all have kids and families to support
support from everyone is what's needed to make this happen
happen today and not tomorrow because they're might not be a better tomorrow
tomorrow is another day passed by that can't be taken back anymore
anymore longer and we are all going to be 30 year old dream act students still fighting for the cause
cause life isn't easy

Saturday, June 05, 2010

My privilege

Translated into English, that quote from Zapata reads, "I want to die a slave to principles, not to men." Easier said than done because it's easy to quote and idolize others. Would someone really prefer death more than being a slave to someone in whatever shape or form it manifest itself ? Suicidal talk isn't something to joke about or neglect, it's serious shit I tell ya what. I've babied that idea in my life, but running away from problems is never an answer to anything, unless that problem is LITERALLY chasing and to live you have to run. But I digress from my point in that I find myself in the position of immense privilege. As an undocumented student going to college, community events, parties, art shows, poetry readings, movies, volunteering and being an activist, I find myself to be privileged more than the people I am supposedly trying to help. The people in my "community."   

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It's funny how things can change in the span of one year. Last year I came to the Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference as a participant hoping to learn and connect with others. This year I was asked to be a workshop facilitator for immigrant identity. I didn't really know what to expect, even though I prepared for the workshop. More than 1,200 people singed up and more than 900 showed up, for sure. Parents, high school kids on field trips and other people who wanted to find out more and be involved in the movement. Most people come find out more information to help their students, family, friends or themselves.