Thursday, April 21, 2011

DREAM + ACT Film, videos, activism and information on immigration

Freewaves, Self Help Graphics & Art, La Causa and The East LA Society of Film and Arts (TELA SOFA) present
DREAM + ACT Film, videos, activism and information on immigration
at Self Help Graphics’ new home

Who has the right to study and work in the U.S.?
When people contribute socially and economically to a society, are they not citizens?
Is there a way for the politically disenfranchised to feasibly gain American citizenship?

On Saturday, April 30, Freewaves, Self Help Graphics & Art, La Causa and TELA SOFA will present DREAM + ACT, a selection of visual art and activism focused on immigration as it relates to communities in Los Angeles and beyond. Through film and video, DREAM + ACT will express multiple visions and viewpoints on the realities of immigration and how it affects us. We aim to build a community of dialogue and bridge the cultural communities in Los Angeles and countries around the globe.

In addition to providing encouragement for film and video makers and activists, this event seeks to promote deeper understanding of our diverse city by presenting a wide array of perspectives on the complex issue of immigration. The community will be able to interact with the filmmakers to further explore the issues addressed.


7:30pm Discussion on the status of immigration and Dream Act organizing
8:30pm Screening of curated short films and videos
9:30pm Q & A with film and videomakers

Mobile silkscreening by Joel Garcia

LOCATION Self Help Graphics & Art 1300 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90033, across from the Metro Gold Line Pico/Aliso Station.

PARKING is limited in the area. We encourage people to take Metro ( and exit at the Gold Line Pico/Aliso Station.

DREAM :: We believe art has the power to inspire, create new possibilities and broaden our perspectives so we can see our community through a different lens.

ACT :: Not content to dream only, together we aim to provoke thought and inspire solutions to the challenge of immigration in this country—a challenge shared by people throughout the world.


DREAM + ACT is a collaboration of TELA SOFA, Freewaves, Self Help Graphics & Art and
La Causa.

TELA SOFA’s mission is to offer a venue for all interested filmmakers, first-time through professional, to explore issues affecting our world today while connecting them with the Hollywood film industry.

Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG) is a nationally recognized center for Latino arts that develops and nurtures artists in printmaking. SHG advances Latino art broadly through programming, exhibitions and outreach to diverse audiences in East Los Angeles and beyond and engages young and emerging artists from the community in all aspects of its activities.

Freewaves is dedicated to the creative exhibition of the most innovative and culturally relevant independent new media from around the world. Freewaves facilitates cross-cultural dialogues by inventing dynamic new media exhibition forms at experimental and established venues throughout Los Angeles.

LA CAUSA (Los Angeles Communities Advocating for Unity, Social Justice, and Action) engages historically disenfranchised young people and their families from East Los Angeles to take action against the injustices that impact low-income communities of color.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Me

Thanks to Rafa for sharing the pic of me from the first Ciclavia of this year. Ohh, that's right, for those of ya'll that may not know, we attach Dream Act art work to our bikes for rides and events and ride around. As you can see from the pic, it looks pretty cool at times. Anyway, check out this video of me at a conference getting totally caught of guard, which is what PJ, the guy filming, wanted to capture. The human, realistic side of people when we aren't protesting, yelling or being activist for the cameras. It's pretty funny and be sure to check out the Dream Team L.A. website too.

Monday, April 04, 2011


And thus I find myself coming full circle. In March of 2007 I made the
choice to move to L.A. from Utah. I slepped in a borrowed sleeping on
friends floors for 2 1/2 years. I went to work and school and
basically returned to the house when I was tired. I hated that time
because even though I had no home to call my own, except the floor in
my friends room, I started on the path that I'm currently on.

It's been 5 years to the day and here I am again, refamiliarizing
myself with that same sleeping bag at another friends house. Funny
thing is that as much as somethings stay the same, others have grown
phenomenaly. Part of me wanted to move back to Utah with my mom and
sister. It meant not having responcibilities anymore, of any kind to
anyone or group.

Another part of me wanted to drink anti-freeze because jumping off of
something or throwing myself in front of a bus, while highly dramatic
and attention grabbing, would be way too painful and I could very well
end up alive and horribly hurt. God forbid I cost tax payers money if
I'm taken to a hospital.

But a bigger part of me reach out to the numerous close friends I have
and told them what's going on. They all opened their homes, lives and
kitchens with me. For some reason beyond my comprehension they like me
and wanna help me. This time around, I found that I'm never alone and
that things will work out for the best. I owe others too much to give
up or fail. Soone step at at time I'll continue to try and make a
dollar outta 15 cents

~ con safos ~