Friday, July 30, 2010

Recap of stuff I've been up to

In no particular order of course. Man is time flying by these days. I realized I haven't posted anything on here so I'd figured I would fill y'all in. Well for I'm older. You would think that I would write some self loathing post about turning 26 and everything that comes with getting older, but eh. I spent my birthday at the DREAM Act Hunger Strike Camp in Westwood. Friends are fasting to pressure Feinstein to push the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill so it can be voted on. I was the night security last night and it was fun, till I got sleepy. I'll probably end up doing it again next week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The DREAM hits Washington D.C.

Diana Martinez, 18, an undocumented student, was one of 12 arrested after refusing to leave their sit-in in the Hart Senate Office building.
An estimated 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate from U.S. high schools each year.
The Washington Post-Mark Abramson

"I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not afraid of someone coming in and trying to arrest me, but I can't let that fear take over my life," said Teodoro, 22, a student at the University of Massachusetts in Boston whose parents were deported back to Brazil a couple of years ago. "The only way of people finding out about my situation is to tell my story."

Washington Post article on everything that is currently going down in D.C. right now.  

Xikano Hipster

Well first off, here is loose definition for what a regular hipster is. Now, what the hell is a Xikano hipster ? Well look at this picture taken of me. Cool hat ? check. Handle bar mustache ? check. Cool artsy shirt ? check. Bad ass art show ? check. Drinking a tecate with tagging on it ? check. I've mentioned that I'm still unemployed and spending my time volunteering at a non-profit, but I have also been helping friends put together their shows.

The job issue is still very much pressing, but there's always room for the arts. It's what makes me live and one of my reasons for waking up in the morning. Since I've been able to be a part of it more so these last few weeks that ever before, becoming an art history major is in the works. Or at least a minor. While I'm not artist per say, I do love helping to curate and creating conversations with others. Seeing how I do this soo much and I have a unique fashion style, I've been joking for the last few months about being a Xikano Hipster. Mostly to make fun of that idea and to piss other people off cause they bee hatin' hipsters hahah. I like to have fun with it. Xikano Hipster, ironically Chicano.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A month of unemployment

Truly, in my 25 years of life on this earth, I have had the most fun this past month. Seriously. Even I can't believe how I've been able to manage this long and going to all the parties, events and adventures I've been on. Drinking all night long, dancing till six in the morning and spending time with friends. I love it, but it will have to come to end soon enough.

AS it is, I spend my time volunteering at a non-profit. Weekends I sleep in and go to parties, art galleries, poetry nights, concerts and stuff like that. I end up going with friends and drinking because they bring the stuff. That's basically it really. In-between all this I still do DREAM Act work by talking to classes and outreaching at events. I also ride my bike a lot since that's free. The pressure to get a job still isn't there yet. School start in two months and I'm feeling really apathic about where I'm going right now.

Part of me just wants to jump off the LA River and end it all. I wanna quit school and leave everything behind. I wanna have the life I have right now. Going to a place that I look forward going to and doing great work. Being able to hang out with friends not worrying about going home early because I have work. Granted that there has been a lot going on because it's summer and friends are leaving for trips, which means going away parties. Part of me wishes this was my life already. Curating art shows, organizing for DREAM Act and community issues, writing and living a decent, honest life. That's what depresses me the most. That I still have to pay more dues to have that kind life. One day I guess. One day.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Hot dog wrapped in Bacon one the Fourth of July

Hot dog, hot dog with bacon

Hot dog, hot dog with bacon

two for five, two for five

Juice, water, soda

Juice, water, soda

The fire in the night sky lights my face in amazement

I can see beauty in destruction

I can smell and hear patriotism

Most importantly, I get a taste of what America is

A hot dog wrapped in bacon

I walk past the vendors and I see days of future past

Was it soo long ago that I was doing that ?

Raspados, fruit and hot dogs for sale on Cesar Chavez

I hear the moan and sigh of a 13 year old

Standing next to her mom as she tends to the grill

I see her little sister standing in front of a water cooler

Enunciating in perfect English, water, juice, soda

One dollar

The night is made into day once again with a continuous blast of red, white and blue

I see their faces and I see myself, my mother, father and sisters

Taking advantage of a situation and trying to make a dollar

They're seen and shooed away because their makeshift kitchens are hazards

The smell of hot dogs with bacon grilling in the open air is too powerful

I think about biting into one and I realize

The fourth of July to me is running scarred from the beach because there's a rumor going around that La Migra is around

It means blowing shit up with your friends down the street as my dad marinades carne asada with Budweiser

I look at the grill once again and see something I didn't notice

Those onions, peppers and jalapenos

They were hand picked by someone out in some field

That bun cooking, it was made by an immigrant working illegally in a factory in the Midwest

Just like the hot dog and the bacon wrapped around it

Now that's what I can a good old fashion American made hot dog

Que la Virgen bless these United States of America

You two faced son of a bitch