Friday, July 30, 2010

Recap of stuff I've been up to

In no particular order of course. Man is time flying by these days. I realized I haven't posted anything on here so I'd figured I would fill y'all in. Well for I'm older. You would think that I would write some self loathing post about turning 26 and everything that comes with getting older, but eh. I spent my birthday at the DREAM Act Hunger Strike Camp in Westwood. Friends are fasting to pressure Feinstein to push the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill so it can be voted on. I was the night security last night and it was fun, till I got sleepy. I'll probably end up doing it again next week.

A few weeks ago, artist from here in L.A. and from the Bay Area got together for a print marathon. All the posters that were silkscreen that day were taken to Arizona for the July 29 actions happening over there. This Tuesday, the same L.A. artist got together again with a few new poster designs and did the same thing again, but this time the posters were for here in L.A. More on that in the bottom pic. I had a blast learning how to silkscreen and it is turning into something that I will continue to pursue and practice.

Of course there was a bunch of stuff happening yesterday (July 29) since this is when SB 1070 goes into affect. Here in L.A. a collective group shut down Wilshire and Highland. The action was directed at a company that funds buses that deports people. Just between us and the internet, I though the action was misguided and TOTALLY not the way to go. Pissing people off who are on their way to work because some company is doing regular business with the Gov. doesn't make sense to me. IT DOESN'T !!! But I still showed up and supported friends cause even though I don't agree with what they're doing, I support them personally and their endevours.

Around my hiood there was a community clean up day/mural painting day. This was done at a rec center that is infested with loitering gang bangers who don't let families and community residents fully use the space because of their presence there. So I spent a few hours helping pain and clean. It was totally bitchen. 

I've also been reading a lot lately, which is VERY unlike me. I finished reading "Invisible Man' by Ralph Ellison, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and "Revolt of the Cockroach People" by Oscar Zeta Acosta. I also HIGHLY recommend that book and I ended up finishing in a week. I just couldn't put it down. I'm currently reading some other books I have on my self and some that I borrowed. Since I'm writing more and more poetry/spoken, two of those books are poetry books. So aside from that I'm still unemployed. Not fun but I make do. See ya in the funny pages.