Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Xikano Hipster

Well first off, here is loose definition for what a regular hipster is. Now, what the hell is a Xikano hipster ? Well look at this picture taken of me. Cool hat ? check. Handle bar mustache ? check. Cool artsy shirt ? check. Bad ass art show ? check. Drinking a tecate with tagging on it ? check. I've mentioned that I'm still unemployed and spending my time volunteering at a non-profit, but I have also been helping friends put together their shows.

The job issue is still very much pressing, but there's always room for the arts. It's what makes me live and one of my reasons for waking up in the morning. Since I've been able to be a part of it more so these last few weeks that ever before, becoming an art history major is in the works. Or at least a minor. While I'm not artist per say, I do love helping to curate and creating conversations with others. Seeing how I do this soo much and I have a unique fashion style, I've been joking for the last few months about being a Xikano Hipster. Mostly to make fun of that idea and to piss other people off cause they bee hatin' hipsters hahah. I like to have fun with it. Xikano Hipster, ironically Chicano.