Friday, April 27, 2012


Dreamers Adrift bring you, yet another hilarious video that pokes fun at the life of undocumented folks. It's not exactly an undocumented and awkward episode, but it's still just as hilarious. The tittle speaks for itself, but if you ever wondered how we live, watch the video and check it out.

That being said, I also make my dreamers adrift debut as well. See, what had happened was that the guys at dreamers adrift wanted to film that day, and they invited me and a few others folks to make it happen. We went over to someone's house and as he was showing us around his place, Nancy blurts out, 'this is your undocucrib' and from that idea, we decided to shoot the idea. It was pretty random and spontaneous, but that's how some of the best ideas come about. Had an amazing time kicking it w/ the dreamers adrift that day. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Step by step breakdown on completing the CA Dream Act Application

The California Student Aid Commission has created a step by step guide to help AB 540 Students fill out the CA Dream Act application, which is now available. The guide helps dreamers and parents answer any questions they may have about requirements to qualify, the different options available and how to apply to the different services offered. You can download the guide by clicking here. Please share with your networks as students will be able to apply to Cal Grants and the Governors fee waiver starting in 2013. I already had someone ask me about filling out the application and I'm like, 'uhhh just leave it blank and you can add it later.'

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The case of Astasio Hernandez Rojas' death

In 2010, Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas was being deported to Mexico, but he never made because of the violent and brutal beating he received at the hands of ICE officers. His death isn't the only one at the hands of jar-head ICE officers, but because of multiple videos from folks who there that night, his is one that has been public on both sides of the border.

There's an ongoing campaign right now to get the Department of Justice to do a full investigation on Anastasio's case and the numerous others that have happened since 2010. I wasn't up to speed on everything that had been going on, but I am aware of the violence and abuse border officers cause. Watching some of the video on the PBS segment can't help but make you pissed off at what happened. Abuse and brutality from idiots in positions of authority isn't anything new, it's a way of life for people of color, but it still doesn't change the fact that Anastasio was straight up beat.

Then the fuckers had the nerve to make some shit up on paper, knowing full well they'll get away with it scot free because of the bureaucracy of the system. That's some bullshit right there I tell you what. And while signing a petition or sharing the video or like me, blogging about it, can only do so much, I know that the officers that murdered Anastasio and others will get what they sowed before they leave this world.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Know your rights video for people in immigrant detention centers

"The American Bar Association Commission on Immigration has produced an updated version of 'Know Your Rights,' an educational video for the more than 400,000 men and women held in immigration detention facilities across the country each year."

With that being said, check out the 40 min video, that I gave up on watching after 5, that breaks down the process of being an immigrant in removal proceedings. The video falls on deaf ears in numerous ways. First of all, it's in English which most folks won't be able to understand completely, it's only available online [but they are working on making the video available at the more than 250 detention centers in the US] and if you are watching the video inside a detention center, chances are things aren't gonna get any better.

But don't get me wrong, the video is a great resource that should be shared, but my focus would be in having folks know their rights before even getting close to being in a detention center. Knowing how to talk to cops, agents and authority figures can do wonders in getting yourself outta stops or questioning.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dulce Matuz: Dreamer in Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People

When I first saw the link to Time Magazine's The 100 Most Influential People in the World on Dulce Matuz, I said cool. Then after I thought about it for a second I said to myself, "HEEEYYYY!!!! I know her !!" Funny story about Dulce is that I've partied with her in Texas and dance/karaokied with her to Selena as well. Small world huh?

Anyway, it was pretty cool to see her get featured in Time Magazine and holding it down for the Dream Movement. The work she's done in Arizona with the The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is nothing short of awesome. Aside from Time, she's also been featured by CNN and there's also a short video of her talking to Diego Luna about supporting Dreamers. Can't wait till the next time I sing and party with her again.  

My Arrival Story

Foto by Rafael Cardenas
KCET Departures has an awesome column that I regularly read, 'Arrival Stories.' They've featured a number of artist, residents and Angelinos/as who all shared their own story of how they came to live in Los Angeles. A friend was able to connect me with Jeremy Rosenberg, the columns editor, and low and be hold, I submitted my own arrival story. You can read it in the previous link or just follow the jump.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Working Class Tacos

I had a moment of serendipity eating tacos for dinner tonight. Standing there, stuffing my face and sipping on my horchata, I found myself in a familiar scene. I've had my fair share of tacos, but as I saw a señor walk up and order six, I couldn't help remember a time when I was watching my father do the same. Still in his work clothes, hair a mess, grease on his hands and clothes. That my was my father.

In that little moment I thought about all the nights and occasions when tacos was our dinner after a days work. It didn't matter that we smelled or looked like we just crawled from underneath a car, but no one there at the stand cared really. And for all the issues and problems I have with my father, we never did go hungry or not have a roof on top of our heads. Things were never easy and we often found ourselves in corners, but he made it happen.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Guide That Helps Stop People's Deportation

In effort to stop the deportation of folks, it would seem that the National Immigration Project, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the Immigrant Defense Project, the Washington Defenders Association, and the National Immigration Law Center have created a guide to help folks stop their own or others deportation. Much like the guide created by Educators for Fair Consideration a while back, the guide outlines on how folks who get caught up in the immigration system, can have some form of fighting back and turning the tide that is constantly against us.

I skimmed through it, not in detail cause it's a lot to take in, but it seems like it highlights some proven steps that have been working thus far. The gist of it is that you make the deportation case public, connect with networks that can support your case/fight and making sure you know your rights in terms of the changing landscape and immigration policies. At best, this kind of research and guides help get much needed info out there to folks. I'm pretty sure that as I write this, this guide is going around on facebook, the twitters and in my case, the blogosphere. Enjoy.    

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Punishment and Profits: Immigration Detention

No matter how many studies, documentaries and/or research is published, the basic fact is that corporations are making money from the imprisonment of immigrants, which are funneled into this system by broken immigration policies that as outdated as the people who still support them. Lost in Detention examines Obama's immigration policy, which has lead to the highest number of deportations and detentions in the history of the country. Shattered Families shows how families are torn apart by said system. How kids are put in the foster care system, parents are deported and families are separated not only by borders, but by bureaucracy. And the piece de resistance comes from NPR, who did a piece on how the companies that are going to profit from laws like SB 1070, are the ones at the table helping draft these laws.

Source: NPR News Investigations
Credit: Stephanie D'Otreppe/NPR

And now Fault Lines looks at all of these factors and shows how they're all connected together, creating a perfect storm of sorts that is causing nothing but destruction and chaos for all immigrants in the US. And despite these reports and the more that are out there and forth coming, they will not change anyone's minds. Some people in this world, no matter how much evidence or logic you present them with, they will not open their minds to the possibility that they may have the wrong idea about things. Like talking to a brick wall really. That being said, I'll go get a sledge hammer so I can break through the wall.      

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I don't think I say this enough, but if it wasn't for heavy metal, I'd be a fucking punk. Ever since I heard that first guitar solo on Metallica's 'And Justice for All' album, I've been a devoted metal through and through. And over the years it has only grown in terms of the bands I've come to love and my appreciation for this music. Few can understand it and if you don't, then we'll be that much better off without you for it.

Metal isn't a phase I went through or something I listen to casually, metal is in my life everyday in every way. And as I listen to the newly released song 'piss' by Pantera, for the 100th time, I can't help think what my life would be like if I didn't have heavy metal music in my life. All I know is that I'm thankful for having found heavy metal in my life. We all have our different taste and different music gets us all through hard times, but nothing compares to heavy metal. With it's roots in the blues to the double bass pedals that sound like thunder storms, I live for heavy metal music.  

Friday, April 06, 2012

Video of me talking about how unions & dreamers need to work together

I'm kinda surprised that this video finally popped up, considering that it was shot last summer, but better late than never right? I found it by googling my name. Anyway, check it out. I was interviewed to talk about how unions and dreamers need to work together and how we all share the same struggle and fight. If you look closely, I still have my sun glasses tan. And I have to admit, I do look pretty damn hot if I say so myself. I'm use to being captured on tape/pics when I'm not at my best. Anywho, thanks to the AFL-CIO Latino for the vid.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

California Dream Act Application Now Available

This is probably one of the last places most folks will be reading about this, but applications for the CA Dream Act are now open. While there's a lot of little details that have to be kept in mind, this is a huge step for CA in terms of undocumented students getting support in attending college. While we're privileged here in Califas, it's been 10 years in the making. I graduated high school when AB 540 first went into affect. But because I didn't know about the law, it took me 3 years to seriously consider college as an option. Even as my dad would take me to FAFSA workshops, I was convinced in my head that college was not meant for someone like me. 6 years into it and I know better know.

Any who, I recommend folks go to the official registration website and fill out the form. You can get more details on what's needed to qualify and when things will start going into affect, since they all have different time lines. And while news outlets and general haters out there are going to be spitting their usual rhetoric of being a drain on the tax system, money being wasted etc. rest assured, those are all bullshit lies that have been repeated soo many times people think they're truth no. Citizens are not going to lose their spot in colleges, get less financial aid or get pushed outta school. They system is built to handle everyone and now we all have a chance of getting the same amount of help to get through school.  

Monday, April 02, 2012


About a year ago, I found myself couch surfing for a few months at friends houses. It would seem that life isn't without its own sense of humor in that I now find myself in the exact same situation, more or less, as I did last year. Everything from taking the same exact class, to now looking for a new place to crash for the next year or so. The ramifications of said dejavu don't escape me, nor the humor one needs to move forward, but those details are forth coming.  Touchè life, touchè.