Tuesday, April 03, 2012

California Dream Act Application Now Available

This is probably one of the last places most folks will be reading about this, but applications for the CA Dream Act are now open. While there's a lot of little details that have to be kept in mind, this is a huge step for CA in terms of undocumented students getting support in attending college. While we're privileged here in Califas, it's been 10 years in the making. I graduated high school when AB 540 first went into affect. But because I didn't know about the law, it took me 3 years to seriously consider college as an option. Even as my dad would take me to FAFSA workshops, I was convinced in my head that college was not meant for someone like me. 6 years into it and I know better know.

Any who, I recommend folks go to the official registration website and fill out the form. You can get more details on what's needed to qualify and when things will start going into affect, since they all have different time lines. And while news outlets and general haters out there are going to be spitting their usual rhetoric of being a drain on the tax system, money being wasted etc. rest assured, those are all bullshit lies that have been repeated soo many times people think they're truth no. Citizens are not going to lose their spot in colleges, get less financial aid or get pushed outta school. They system is built to handle everyone and now we all have a chance of getting the same amount of help to get through school.