Saturday, April 14, 2012

Punishment and Profits: Immigration Detention

No matter how many studies, documentaries and/or research is published, the basic fact is that corporations are making money from the imprisonment of immigrants, which are funneled into this system by broken immigration policies that as outdated as the people who still support them. Lost in Detention examines Obama's immigration policy, which has lead to the highest number of deportations and detentions in the history of the country. Shattered Families shows how families are torn apart by said system. How kids are put in the foster care system, parents are deported and families are separated not only by borders, but by bureaucracy. And the piece de resistance comes from NPR, who did a piece on how the companies that are going to profit from laws like SB 1070, are the ones at the table helping draft these laws.

Source: NPR News Investigations
Credit: Stephanie D'Otreppe/NPR

And now Fault Lines looks at all of these factors and shows how they're all connected together, creating a perfect storm of sorts that is causing nothing but destruction and chaos for all immigrants in the US. And despite these reports and the more that are out there and forth coming, they will not change anyone's minds. Some people in this world, no matter how much evidence or logic you present them with, they will not open their minds to the possibility that they may have the wrong idea about things. Like talking to a brick wall really. That being said, I'll go get a sledge hammer so I can break through the wall.