Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am AmeriKKKas Most Wanted

I have been a criminal for more than 18 years
I have spent my life on the run
Hidding in the shadows and staying on the down low
I have lied about my name
I have lied about being a US Citizen
Yet I have never pretended to be anyone but myself
Undocumented and Unafraid
Unafraid to stand up against the wrongs of society
Unafraid to protest in the streets of L.A.
Unafraid to live my life the way I want to
But it's all a superficial lie
I am afraid I will loose my friends
Afraid that their lives will be stolen from them
Afraid that evil will prevail against good
That the xenophobes, nativist and racist that scapegoat that them there illegal aliens on societies problems
We cannot and will not lose
How can we lose when we have truth and justice on our side ?
Continuing the same legacy of truth and justice started by those before us
Ignorant are those that blame Mexicans for the oil spill
For the polar ice caps melting
For taking their jobs washing dishes, baby sitting, mowing their lawns, cooking their food and washing their cars
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted
I am wanted for working and putting myself through school
I am wanted for getting a college education
I am wanted for not dropping out of high school and making something of myself
I am wanted for trying to improve my neighborhood and mentoring youth
I am wanted because I am not a drain on society
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted because I have a DREAM
That one day, we will be free at last


Anonymous said...

Americans who appreciate this nation don't constantly and incessantly look for fault and whine about it. We are thankful and understand what a priviledge it is to be a citizen and find it almost impossible to understand how anyone who professes the wish to become a naturalizes citizen could be sincere while devoting any effort to criticize what they claim to want so dearly.
If you had anything to offer you're immigratory status would have long since been normalized. Can't you understand that the USA is full to capacity with undereducated manual laborers and assorted other Mexican riff-raff?

Refried Dreamer said...

And can't YOU understand that the USA is full to capacity with undereducated, bitter, unresourceful racist bigots? Geez.... with nothing better to do than hide behind an keyboard without an identity. Kudos to you, moron.

bordersaside said...

Very well written and as always to the heart. I actually personally know many Americans who have no idea what they have and are constantly whining about stupid crap.
Also is that picture from the same artist that did your picture?

El Random Hero said...

the Mexican riff-raff comment was funny, but not as funny as the under-educated one. Ay, I'm a journalism major, how under-educated can I be ? LOL

@ Amanda No, the artist in this picture is Lalo Alcaraz. You've seen his works around, if not google him.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anonymous directed "under-educated" at you personally, but as for myself, I'm not as impressed with you as you are with yourself, especially your grammar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Erick!
I heard you last week at Corazon del Pueblo! I was trying to get in touch with you but dont have facebook. I was asking you about the dream act at ucla and wanted to ask you some more things! Please email if you can!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh, yeah, I guess grammar isn't part of the Journalism curriculum anymore! What's funny though is that "Amanda" thinks this stuff is "Very well written..."! Check our her blog if you want to know where she's coming from: [], poor thing's all but illiterate.

Keep the reflections and commentary coming though, it does explain a lot.

bordersaside said...

Hero- Thanks I will look it up. This anon person is on my blog often enough trying to undercut me by knocking my grammar and spelling don't let it get to you. I know what my education level is as I'm sure you know yours. You'll have an editor once your working anyway right. ;)
Anon thanks for linking people to my blog, I'm sure that as with all my other readers people will read it and find it informative and comforting.

Anonymous said...

"Ay, I'm a journalism major, how under-educated can I be ? LOL"

-you're F*cking kidding right? you are actually trying to prove your education with a journalism major? Tas pero loco compa. more than half the kids I am going to school with settled with journalism majors after not being able to handle any science or math related fields. Sorry Random, but I wouldn't be throwing the " I'm a journalism major" line around in the real world anytime time soon. How embarassing "journalism major". lol :o)

space alien said...

El Random Hero, we're not criminals. I'm letting you know just in case that first line wasn't artistic license and you actually believed it. Unlawful presence and visa overstays are civil violations of the law. And if you were initially brought here without a visa, you were too young to be held accountable for "improper entry by alien" (punishable by no more than 6 months in prison, no more than $250 in fines, and apparently, very difficult to prosecute.).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's impressive that I'm not alone! For many years I have questioned if everything I have done will ever be worth it! I WILL FINISH PRINCETON UNIVERSITY AS AN UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT! It only made me realize that not being recognized by my talents only made me fight even harder; We Dreamers have yet to achieve the impossible but we all get there! WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION!!! AND KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR OUR DREAMS!!!