Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am AmeriKKKas Most Wanted

I have been a criminal for more than 18 years
I have spent my life on the run
Hidding in the shadows and staying on the down low
I have lied about my name
I have lied about being a US Citizen
Yet I have never pretended to be anyone but myself
Undocumented and Unafraid
Unafraid to stand up against the wrongs of society
Unafraid to protest in the streets of L.A.
Unafraid to live my life the way I want to
But it's all a superficial lie
I am afraid I will loose my friends
Afraid that their lives will be stolen from them
Afraid that evil will prevail against good
That the xenophobes, nativist and racist that scapegoat that them there illegal aliens on societies problems
We cannot and will not lose
How can we lose when we have truth and justice on our side ?
Continuing the same legacy of truth and justice started by those before us
Ignorant are those that blame Mexicans for the oil spill
For the polar ice caps melting
For taking their jobs washing dishes, baby sitting, mowing their lawns, cooking their food and washing their cars
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted
I am wanted for working and putting myself through school
I am wanted for getting a college education
I am wanted for not dropping out of high school and making something of myself
I am wanted for trying to improve my neighborhood and mentoring youth
I am wanted because I am not a drain on society
I am AmeriKKKas most wanted because I have a DREAM
That one day, we will be free at last