Thursday, May 17, 2012

My 'undocumented' online presence

Facebook map of where I have been
The irony of being undocumented in this country but having an online presence doesn't escape me. There was a time in life in which I was terrified of being discovered by ICE, police etc. because of my status. I would blog and share my stuff with more of an anonymous tone to it. But now adays, I can't go a day without updating/checking my facebook or twitter accounts, checking into four square or making my digital presence known. Funny how things works like that right?

For the longest time I would hate on folks who used instagram, four square etc. mostly because that shit can get annoying sometimes. A case of over sharing really, which is something that has only come about with so many folks having internet through their phones. For a few years, that was my only form of internet use since I didn't have a computer, but with so many apps and games now, it's getting ridiculous.

That being said, as soon as I got a new phone plan and unlimited internet access, I started blowing up instagram and four square like there's no tomorrow. And why not? I have unlimited internet, even though it's limited by the battery life of my phone, which isn't very much because I'm always doing something on the damn thing. Anyway, point is that there's a hilarious irony in being undocumented and on all these social media platforms that track your locations, likes, taste, pictures etc.

Folks are always worried about the government tracking our every move, GPS telling authorities where we're at at any given point, people hacking into your phone to steal naked pics you took of yourself, not that I do such things :P The only difference between that and four square is that you get points and badges on four square, if the government tracks you, you just get tossed in Guantanamo Bay.

While the line for over sharing can be easily crossed in this day and age of social media and internet access via phone/wifi, I for one love leaving a digital foot print. I have taken up these social media platforms as just another medium for me to express myself as another undocumented immigrant living in the US. I leave tips and notes like if I'm at a bar, I'll say whether it's matricula friendly or not. I even have a list on four square that says, "places ICE can find me," you know, just in case they ever come after me via my four square account.

With that being said, you can find me online at the following places. Feel free to add, friend, tweet at me.

Twitter: @elrandomhero
Instagram: @elrandomhero
Four Square: El Random Hero
Facebook: Erick Huerta