Sunday, May 06, 2012

What I remember versus Google Maps

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As it stands, when I share my story about how I got to the US, I go with what I've always know. That we were living at my great grandmas ranch in La Huacana, Michoacan Mexico. My aunt and uncle drove me across the border by me pretending to be my cousin, who was also seven yrs old and a US citizen. Anyway, way I tell the story is that I went to slept in the car ride in Michoacan and I woke up in Boyle Heights.

Ok, so not too long ago, someone on facebook mentioned to me that I had my story all wrong. That it doesn't take one night to get from Michoacan to Boyle Heights. The person felt kinda bad telling me this cause this is how I share my story. Pero, they are right. If you look at the google map above, it would have taken about two days to get there. Now I'm thinking that we were getting ready to make the trip, my family must have met my aunt and uncle half way through. I can't really remember that far back, and I could just ask my mom what happened, but I like having a little mystery in my story. That way it';; stay relavent.

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RM said...

Erick stay with your original version. in fact, embellish it. it's all about myth and metaphor and making something poetic out of all this. the way I tell my story of how I got married was I followed my gf down into the LA subway in a daze and when we came up, we were at Tokyo City Hall and I was signing my name to a piece of paper I couldn't read. don't let details like geography and Cartesian mapping get in the way of good poetic storytelling. sometimes a metaphor and a lie are the most effective ways to convey truth.