Thursday, January 24, 2008

Air Travel

Air travel was never something I had to never worry about. Not when I lived in my "native country" or here in the U.S. As a kid I never traveled outside of the city and if so it was always in a car. Air travel is a problem few "illegal immigrants" have to contend with because we know that air travel for us is one of the most dangerous things you can possibly do outside of outing yourself in front of I.C.E. agents. For one there was never a need for air travel because when families immigrate into the U.S. we tend to stick close together whether it's a few blocks or a neighboring city. We stay together and visit each other on Sundays when we have nothing better to do than bug relatives and have some "carne asada." Air travel has been on my mind for the last few weeks because I have the opportunity to join great friends in an endeavour to visit New York. The NYC is one of those destinations that I want to cross of my been their list because it's NYC !!! Needless to say my residential status was the first thing that came into my mind when i was offered to take part in the trip. There is no real way an "illegal immigrant" can "safely" travel post September 11. I have gotten advice from a federal agency as whether air travel is possible for an immigrant. Their response was that it all depends on what the air line your traveling on ask. I know that all air lines have strict guidelines not only on what you can carry on board but on the credentials needed to safely board a plane without setting some sort of terrorist alarm at the air port. There are many loop holes that I'm sure can be found and exploited but the truth of the matter is that the risk is too great just for one trip. I would love the opportunity to travel but the risk of getting caught for what ever reason and facing deportation is too great in my opinion. There are those who will and have risked it because of pressing matters, but my reasons are for simple fun. I know that if I call my embassy they can grant me some sort of passport that will afford me air travel. It's a matter I would go research personally rather than online or over the phone because I would want a serious definite answer. Still air travel is just something else an "illegal immigrant' can't have access to.