Thursday, September 06, 2012

Benita Veliz: first undocumented immigrant to speak at democratic national convention

The fact that an undocumented immigrant addressed the DNC last night is a historical moment, even if all of mainstream media didn't air it or acknowledge it. That being said, the speech Benita made was just for show and tell. I'm sure given the circumstances, her speech was pre-written for her and composed entirely of messaging that only pushed the obama administration's messaging. That he's for immigration reform, that deferred action was something he decided to do and that he needs latino votes. We all know that's a completely lie.

Here's another video of Univision interviewing Benita before her speech. What she said here, she should have said when she was up on stage.

And here's video from Univision reporter Mariana Atencio after the speech.


Anonymous said...
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Ana Arellano said...

Benita is an amazingly articulate person who explains a double-edged sword of the Democrats, and in the Univision interview, she really seems to be doing this off the cuff. Even with her excellent explanation, I will still have to listen to her again, they've made it so damn complicated.