Friday, December 20, 2013

Obligatory End of the Year Reflecting

2013 has ben good to me in more ways than I can fully acknowledge. Hands down, its been one of my better years. I've been blessed in more ways than one through because of the individuals that have helped me get here. I couldn't have accomplished a lot of things without the support and aid of mah friends.

And yet at the same time, this year has seen me make growth and strides in my own individual independence. Having a space of my own has helped immensely in all of this. Job stability has helped me be more stable. Getting DACA has made things easier in terms of helping me navigate systems I already mastered.

And as I sit in this coffee shop, listening to Machine Head through my headphones, I look back at this year with no hesitations. I have privileges and freedoms not accessible to others, and for that I am thankful everyday of the year. I've had great times this year meeting with like minded folks and learning from each other at events and conferences. The more resources I have at my disposal, the better I can tell different stories and get information out there to folks.

I made the conscious decision to step and look away from activism and organizing for the better part, but not completely. Not having my life dominated by endless meetings, calls and planning for events/actions felt great. The fact that I could go home after work, have a quite dinner, grab a brew and peace out on some movies is the best.

I've reflected many a times in terms of where my place is in this all work and how I can continue to contribute more effectively, rather than passively. And as another year comes, I'm looking at being increasingly active again and being intentional about that work. I know what I can do and how I can help. But if spaces I'm in don't value that or can make use of it, then it's up to me to find spaces that can take advantage of my skills and resources.

I'll see what the coming year brings in terms of challenges and opportunities.