Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ey ? Where you from ? You wanna die ?

So I'm walking to the house from work lost in a trail of thoughts when I see the most peculiar thing come my way.
Maybe it's because I grew up with it, but as soon as I saw this black guy come out from an apartment building I realized what he wanted from me. He then ever so nicely asked me, "Ey !!! where you from ? You wanna die ? (lifts shirt to show a 9m or beretta) lift up your shirt !!! where you from ?!."
Now think what you will but when in stupid situations like this come it's best to just go with it and keep cool.
I told him I'm from now where and preceded to show to basically flash this young man so he knows that I'm not from the gang he's looking for.
Of course he flaunted his gangs name, which I didn't even try to remember because I was to busy keeping calm and clear headed so as to not say anything stupid.
He backed of and retreated back into the apartments with three other guys.
One of them, the shortest one, told me that the I dress like the guy they're looking for, blue flannel collar shirt, black shirt, black pants, nikes, backpack, messenger bag and a skateboard in hand.
Apparently I have the fashion sense of a gang banger.
I'll be the first to admit that I was a little shaken up because I had a gun pulled on me.
It's stupid that things like getting hit up because of the way a person dresses still happen here or anywhere for that matter.
It's not as bad as it once was but it's still a major neighborhood problem that claims innocent lives everyday and I could have been one of those.
One the local news with candles and flowers laid on the exact spot that I fell and die.
The cliche review of my life as a college student working his way while staying at a friends house.
I thought about that for a second and decided to narc one these guys.
I'm not the only person that walks through there and God forbid that they actually do kill someone because they thought it was the guy they're looking for.
There's a plethora of emotions that are going through me right now, but I know I made the right choice by calling in the 5-0.
I realize that there's a chance I'll get some back lash for doing this via the bangers looking for me thinking I called the cops on them, which is true but still.
They could get the guy take him to court and they might need me as a witness.
There's a lot of things that can happen and some of those lead to me being dead, so I'm not taking any chances.
When things like this happen and people don't do anything about it, they're just part of the problem.
If things are going to change someone has to be the catalyst for it.
Our own race is still killing each other for stupid and ignorant reasons.
So much for making progress.


chimatli said...

Sorry you had to go through that! It's good you kept cool. Be careful out there!

Dona Junta said...

Wow that sucks but glad you are ok, guys like that are plain stupid!

Buy Ameros said...

bunch of pricks...Glad to hear the Supreme Court finally clearer up the whole 2nd amendment thing. You have a right to defend yourself. These fools better watch out, or at least they better watch over there shoulder cause society is getting armed and won't take this sh$t anymore. Society will be more respectful if everyone was packing. Yes, can you please tell where i can get my newly awarded concealed weapon permit.

Pork Chop said...

15 years ago being a banger myself I woulda called you a fucking rat etc...
Being a father of 3 teenagers and a 7 yr old I applaud you for making the right choice. As you said innocent people are killed everyday over "Where you from" and your lucky he gave you the chance to respond and prove yourself. Most bangers aren't that curtious. You probabley saved someone elses life that day too.