Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Protection from immigration raids

This is an email that was passed on to me.
Basically it's a "how to" if an undocumented person is arrested at their work, confronted at home or even out in the streets.
They key point to remember is that no matter what, a person arrested by immigration officials or the police has rights.
Inform the arresting official that you want to remain silent until you speak to your lawyer.
Don't incriminate yourself by outing yourself self as an immigrant or by having documents on your person that would imply your illegal residence.
Be as calm as possible and get in contact with family and friends so that you can make sure that if worse comes to worse, your kids and family will be all right until the matter gets settled.
It's sad to say that I have to pass on information like this but desperate times call for desperate measures.
As illegal immigrants we have to take precautions and plan ahead in the case that, God forbid we get deported.
The L.A. Times ran a story on this very topic.
The immigration debate has been going on for so long that the only way for people to actually realize how horrible it's getting is by putting a face and sometimes a story behind them.
I really don't like using other peoples work, specially something as corporate as the L.A. Times but I will admit that they have published some great articles about all the different aspects of illegal immigration and the the people who suffer.