Monday, August 04, 2008

Blast from the past

My blogging origins started on myspace with me basically having and online dairy of my daily happenings and adolescent thoughts. Over the years my writing, spelling and drama improved dramatically. Thankfully I can now fully articulate and express myself and my musings in much more descriptive and when the occasion allows for it, comical ways. My purpose for this blog is to share some of my personal struggles as a non legal resident of the United States of America. My main focus for this blog is also to inform and help others understand legislations, laws and how they affect others like me and our families. With that being said, I was looking through my old myspace blog postings and found and old post that kinda explains why I do what I do. I choose my name not just to remain anonymous, but because in some ways I have earned the name "El Random Hero." I have my moments in the spot light, but sometimes the things I do are out of my control. I have a habit of being in the right place at the right time. (Disclaimer: I know that there are spelling errors all over the place and sometimes I don't make sense. Read it in stride and just be thankful that I stopped being so damn sloppy with my writing.)

Monday April 23, 2007

Alisia, The Woman Who Was Getting Beat On By Her Drunken Partner

It rained yesterday here in Los Angeles and I love the rain. The smell it brings, the way the world shuts down everything EXCEPT the drama it causes sometimes. I have walked Harley in the rain before and yesterday wasn't going to be different. The dork and her mom Brooklyn were all ready waiting for me at the back door in the rain and since they were all ready wet I figured ohh well. So I bundle up, put on a beanine and do my walking thing with them. Well for those og you geographically inclined I was on the corner of 1st and Lorena right by the "Mercadito" or little Mexico as it is know. I stop at the corner and realize that my shoes are wet and my socks are getting soggie. Next thing I know I hear yealps and and angry shouts to the left of me. I turn and I see a couple walking so I think nothing of it until the dude pushes Alisia to the floor. I kept my eye on them and then things started escalating so I started debating whether or not I should get involved. After a second I realized I have to go help her or at least do something so I waited for the light to change and I headed over there. As I'm crossing I'm asking God to not let me get my ass kicked, I'll take it if I have to but I can do without getting my ass kicked. I write this because the guy was around my same height, 5'5 but unlike me he was drunk and he had some build to him. After that I start asking the dogs to do me a favor, I asked them to get mean for me, which they didn't. So I cross and get the guys attention because at this point he has her pinned to a wall and pulling on her hair. I knew that I couldn't do the "Hey back the fuck off angle !!!" so I used the "Hey what's going ? get off of her !!!", all of this in spanish of course. He starts mumbling to me that some dude touched her wrong, said something wrong or just looked at her wrong but because he was Mexican and drunk it could have been nothing or everything. He also started telling me something about the rent'a cops and that they hgarrased him or something like that before Alisia came out of nowhere from behind and clipped him right in the bottom of his right eye. All I heard was smack and her yelling "I didn't do anything to you !!!!" He went after her again and pushed her to the wall again and pulled her hair. All the while I'm just about to go in and pull this guy off of her asskicking or not. He suddenly realizes something and just walks away in the opposite direction punching the air, that solidified my notion that it was the boose. She was crying reapiting the samething "I didn't do nothing to him" in spanish at which point a I begin to comfert her and she just let's go at that instant. She's craying on my chest and I tell her let's get out of the rain. I put my jacket over her and as we walk I ask her name and give her mine. I put my shoulder around her to help her and she grabs my hand and squeezes really tight right, as she does this she scares me by having a little panic attack and gasping for air. We walk it off and I tell her that it's the boose doing this and that my father was the same way. I sit her on stairs and do what I can to comfert her and which point Harley puts her head on her lap. She starts laughing and petting her and she starts to calm down. I calm her down all the while the damn rent'a cops do nothing to help her and ask her if she'll be okay. I take off and decided that since we're all wet we might as well go home. As I turn around the dude comes back and I'm thinking here we go but he get's on a bus and takes off so I'm like phew !!!. Walking I think and feel bad that maybe I can do more than just leave her there so I turn around and I find her at the corner. I go back with her and ask her if she want's me to call a cab. At that moment one stops at the signal and I tell her to get in it and to go home. Then out of nowhere the cops show up, I tell them she's in the cab, they pick her up and put her in the car and go after the bus that her man was ridding in. Just like as quickly as it started it finished and I was on my way home again thinking about what I just did and why I did it. The thing that I focused on was how when they were going at it there was a guy right in front of them and he did nothing. People in their cars honked but did nothing. No one would have done nothing until the cops would have gotten there and I didn't want to think what could have happened. It's weird because just earlier in the day I read a story about a guy who ran into a homeless guy in the bathroom and felt bad because he didn't offer him help/. That story crossed my mind and that's part of what made me help her out. I know God had something to do with this one and I thanked him for not letting me get my ass kicked. But yeah I know I mde the right desicion in staying in Los Angeles. I get sings all the time that I belong here