Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Card Marriage

Of course the idea of me getting married just for a green card has crossed my mind once or twice and why not ? Not only would I get a green card but I would have a loving wife as well. However, like everything else in life, it's not that simple. I'm 24 and I'm no where near ready to be married yet. Not just because I like my freedom, but because I haven't found the right "one." I am not one to just get married for a green card. Marriage is something huge and to just do it all casual like that isn't in me because that is one of the biggest disrespects to my heritage, people, family and community. My barber says that he did it to help out someone back in the '80s and he was compensated for it. He didn't sleep with her or fall in love. He just said they were married for a few years until she got her green card and got divorced after it was all said and done. To him it was just like doing a favor for a friend. That being said the marriage thing has popped up every now and then between friends in a casual fashion of course. Most of the time we joke around about it and don't go beyond there. They joke about who would want to marry an ass hole like or say that I'm just not handsome enough to even get someone to marry me. It's all for shit and giggles or course. They all get a good laugh when I tell them my parents tried to buy me a wife so I could get my papers. When I asked my parents about it they said they were willing to put down some serious cash for a girl that would hook-up with me for papers. I asked them why didn't they go through with and they said that I would be too much of a punk and I wouldn't agree to it or something like. They basically said I wasn't ma enough to do it. Even if I were to find someone and have the money to do it, with the way things are now, we would have to prove our marriage pretty extensively and keep it alive for several years before even considering a divorce. Can you imagine I take a girl to my house and my wife is there. I introduce them and get dumped because the other girl gets the wrong idea. Sigh.... Besides I don't get much luck with the ladies either. Not having papers makes me not really go out and try to meet girls because I know that if anything is to happen I would eventually have  to fill them in to my situation. I know I wrote a past post similar to this one, but that was when my last girlfriend left me and I needed to vent. While marriage is a great option and a simple one, if it's not for love then it's not even an option.