Thursday, October 23, 2008

I <3 Harley Quinn

November 26 2006, From my myspace blog ~ Harleys Birthday ~

Yeah Harley Quinn is 2 years old, 24 in dog years. I don't know how I could have gotton through these past to years with out her. She waited for me in the cold and in the rain to come home from school at nigh. She always makes me laugh no matter what. She's always fun to be around with because she's that kinda dog. I have lost 20 lbs just walking and running with her around evergreen cemetery everyday.

She knows what time we walk without looking at a clock. She makes my face and arms ichy everytime I hug her in the morning and before I go in for the night. She was a given to me by a friend who wanted to keep her. Her brothers Brooklin Jr. and Chester passed away. Now it's just her and her sister shadow. People are intimidated by her muttering "look at that big ass dog" and then they move out of her way because they fear her. I look to them and ignore them because I know she hasn't an evil intention in her being. Two years is the longest I can remember having a dog and I plan to be with her until one of us passes away. I can't imaine my life without her for she is at my side always. She may be a dog but to me, she's my best friend.