Monday, August 30, 2010

Equivelant Exchange

When someone is down, we help them get back up. That is the balance of friendship and relationships. That balance becomes much more detailed and intricate over time as life isn't black and white. When I'm down, my friends help me up and for that I am eternally grateful. So much so, that I cannot possibly repay they back the exact value of their time, energy and love.

So I am left with a feeling bitter, emptiness when I listen to my friends problems and I can't do anything to help them. I listen, but what they are going through is not a listening problem, it's a miracle problem. A miracle to save their friends from death, to find a home and employment, to find inner piece and love. To make the world a better place for them and their loved ones. To take away all the pain and hurt that we all must live through because life is pain.

I find myself in a position of poetic irony. For the time being, I am in a good place again. I came into some extra cash that allowed me the liberty to buy food and pay bills. On the opposite end I have friends who are in more dire need than I am for money and yet I cannot help them. All I can do is offer support and listen. I am a poor man, but I have plenty of for them.

So I offer my energy and prayers to the universe to bestow upon my friends. I am grateful for the blessing bestowed unto me at this moment, but I would rather my friends find answers to their problems, even if I must give unto myself. There are days when we all feel likes it only rains on us. Those are the days when we need our friends and loved ones to help us out with an umbrella and cover us from the rain, even if it's for a slight moment.