Monday, September 06, 2010

Hypothetical conversations

What if, 'if's' and 'but's' were candy and nuts ? A life lesson I learned a millennium ago was that it's better to have a 'no' than a 'what if.' Meaning that I would rather have a question or query answered with a 'no', rather than spending the rest of my life wondering 'what if.' We all have to make decisions, some times we have time to think about them and some we must make in an instant. But failing to make a choice, while waiting for an answer to come to us is the worst thing we could possibly do. Thus I propose, what will happen when the DREAM Act passes or when it fails this year ?
Bear in mind that this is a private conversation undocumented individuals have had within themselves and with friends during troubled times or when things are close to the wire, like right now. But I had this conversation this weekend in a larger forum and we all shared the positives and negatives of both it passing and failing to pass. For me, this conversation takes on an extremely bleak turn because of everything that comes with the conversation.

Tons of emotional baggage that we all carry and raising our hopes up, setting ourselves up for false hopes. While the details here aren't important, the consensus is one of unity. There is another generation following in our foot steps one way or another, so there will be a need for us to stick around. Not everyone will, but there will be enough of us to make sure the kids behinds will not be lost doing this work.

As for where I fall into all of this, it's quite simple for me really. This is my adoptive home. I know nothing else and this is where I belong. Yes, I have a strong Mexican-American and Chicano/a community that I find solace in and it helps. I love this city like a mother. My personal commitments of wanting to help the next batch of undocumented kids coming up through the world like I did is what makes me wanna stay here. To help them where I was not. It's my own personal crusade if you will. Of course I will travel and see the world, but my world is here in L.A. My love.