Saturday, December 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

Been a minute since I've had the chance to slow down and reflect on things here. Between starting a new job, finishing the school semester and winding down the year, things keep on moving forward, and I wouldn't want them any other way. I enjoy being busy much more than having nothing to do and dwell on things that are not worth my time anymore.

That being said, I'm liking how this year is ending. All the growth I've done personally and with others has lead to new ideas that will be flushed out in the year to come. If I had to sum up this year, I think that's the word I would use, growth. While some areas still need more work than others, I'm starting to find balance that once escaped me and joys that I have over looked.

I still may not be where I want to be, but at least I'm not where I use to be. And to be frank, I still don't know where I want to be or go. There's alotta things up in the air and how they turn will determine what paths I have the option of following. That being said, I truly am grateful for the friends that I have supporting me and helping me grow as a person. Hopefully things stay busy around here.