Monday, March 11, 2013

LA to the Valley Unity Ride 2013

Continuing to build and foster relationships with groups and communities in the Southern California area, the 2013 LA to the Valley Unity ride aims to strengthen the bonds and ties between LA and San Fernando Valley.

Just as we have done in the last two rides with Orange County, this bike ride is intended to connect folks from different communities together through cycling. Seeing our cities from a different perspective and appreciating our diversity, making the ride a growing experience.

This year’s ride will be on Sunday April 28th at 9 am. It will start from the Los Angele Angeles Historic park and end at Tia Chuchas. The route will take us through the LA River bike trail and the San Fernando Valley.

Registration is $20 and it covers lunch, dinner, snacks, and bike mechanic support throughout the entire ride. If you would like to pay for registration online, send us an email at and we will send you the pay pal link.

If you do not have access to online payment, let us know in the space provided in the registration form and we will coordinate with each individual as they sign up.

You must register in order to participate in the ride. If you are under 18, email us so we can send you the form your parent/guardian will need to sign and bring the day of the ride.

Registration will close on April 17th. After that, there will be a three day grace period in which registration will go up to $25. If you do not register for the event by April 19th, you will not be allowed to participate in the ride and will not receive any kind of support or food.

As in previous years, we are also going to need the support of volunteers to make this event happen. If you are going to be available the day of the ride, please get in contact with us at

We are going to need volunteers in the following areas:

Ride Marshalls
Bike Mechanics
Setting up lunch
Setting up dinner

If you have any questions regarding the ride, participation or volunteering, contact us at UNITYRIDE2013@GMAIL.COM

Los Angeles Contact: Erick Huerta 323 638-9043 (text or call)
San Fernando Valley Contact: Salvador (818) 626-2271 (text or call)