Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Krazy for Cult Show Opening

Today was what it was all about. Kiss My Booty and I went to an gallery on Melrose called Gallerry 1988 for the show "Krazy for Cult." Artist know and unknow interprited cult movies like Dogma, Donny Darko, The Big Lebowskie in their own way making for some great paintings. It was hosted by Kevin Smith and other cult movie guys where there but no one would recognize them if I told you, however Craig From "Malcom in The Middle" was there. The experience started out right on our way to the bus stop we met and talked to David Boreanous, Angel, Buffy and Bones. We got there waited in line with all the other early birds an just chilled getting to know each other. The show started at seven and the line went around the block of course. Inside it was hot, smeally and I was sweaty as crap. All the works were amazing, clever and insightful, pictures coming soon. Goldel Apple Comics which is next door was giving away free snacks and they where showing said cult movies in the parking lot on a 35mm film projector. Of course there was free boose so I wet my whistle and took a drink. Once we did and saw everything like talking to Jason Mews and other B-level celebs there we took off and headed for home with some tortas that we bought at the plasita Olvera. Not bad for a tuesday night hahahah....

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