Friday, July 13, 2007

New Plan To Be Awsome

So it was brought to my attention yesterday that what Rudy, my heterasexual life mate and I do for fun can be turned into something constructive. Since returning to L.A. in March I have been more out of my shell buildings conections with people at the art galleries and random people I meet and talk to who turn out to be writers and journalist themselves. Take for example the city of Los Angeles town crier Don Garza who I happened to meet on a whim passing by the offices of the downtown L.A. city council I think. Wih him was Ed Fuentes who's also some what know in the Downtown scene, mostly because he's that old. Talking to them they were impressed by the fact that Rudy and I get around to the art galleries. All we mentioned was the I am 8-bit show at gallery 1988 and the Dangerous curves show where Paris Patton took a sledge hammer and blow torch to a frozen Piano. Which now inretro spect would have made bad ass blogs by I fell asleep at the wheel and not having a personal computer of my own hurts me, but that's all going to change. Rudy told them about freeway watching and I realized that we are doing something and we could be doing something WAY more if we streached ourselves. I want to be a writer of sorts and seriously doing a coherent, organized blog makes a ton of sence. Looking around Ed's blog, I skimmed through his links and found some great stuff. All of it doing what a million other sites, blogs and mags do but still great. The one that hit me in a sweet spot was It's a personal blog of course but her comments on the bus system, stories ralated to the transit system made me realize that I have to do this. So here we go again, another transition that will take me to new places, meet new people and best of of build my writing skillz biatch !!! I know I have gramatical errors problems up the ass on the basis that I don't take the time to carrect myself, study and fix my errors and until recently I just realized that my my brain thinks faster than my body can react. With school comensing in September I need to bone up on my writing skills again to prove myself worthy of running the school newspaper. Writing is a part of who I am an even though I have been putting of I have found the inspiration to change that. I may not post here on myspace or my blogspot everyday but that sure as hell doesn't mean I wont write for that day. I have a bunch of stories about our random adventures going to galleries and getting lost, talking to strangers and finding kick ass stores and restaraunts all over L.A. One the the randomest things to happen to us is when we were getting on the redline and a Mexican metal head comes up to me and witha deep voice goes to my face and tells me "Black Metal Muther Fucker !!!" I replied by saying "damn straight." Shit like that happens all the time I just gotta find an angle to make it readable and most importantly readable to others.