Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Hot Minute

It's been a hot minute since I've put words to my thoughts. Well, any words that I would wanna share with the internet anyway. Not much is going on that I need to put thoughts to words considering it's coming to the end of the year. I also noticed that I seem to be averaging a post a week, which is something very doable to keep myself sharing and creating a routine. Which probably explains why I'm writing something up on Christmas before I go mimis. If I don;t do it now, it'll never get done. Anywho, I've been on a bender since I wrapped up school and the Dream Act came to a vote. Making the time to spend times with friends and getting to know them better. The holidays bring out the blues in people and usually I would be included in that crowd. Not soo much this year really, which is a nice change.
I hate holidays because of the obvious commercial and happy go lucky reasons that make me punch walls, but age is maturing me nicely. I appreciate the time that I do have with family and friends because not everyone has that gift. As jacked up as it is to say, it's only by knowing of someone else's grief that you appreciate things you know? I also had the spotlight on me a few minutes a few weeks back thanks to an essay that went viral through Zocalo Public Square. "The Double Life of an Undocumented Student" is basically the story I share when doing presentations, workshops or just talking to people. It's nothing big to me, but I was glad to read that I connected with a lot of people because the universal story that we have in the movement, connecting us all together. Comic book and pop-culture references are my specialty of course and my sardonic sense of humor came through more so with the edits from the website as well. It also got some attention thanks to Daniel Hernandez through the L.A. Times World Blog, which was kinda surreal because it's mainstream media. Negative comments are no surprise and again, I got attention. Reading the hateful comments always gives me a good laugh. So there you have it. I'll probably recap the year before it's through for a cleansing of sorts because A TON OF STUFF HAPPENED. So much so that I have a hard time recalling it all. Thankfully facebook pictures help with that.