Tuesday, March 08, 2011

L.A. to O.C. Dream Ride Pics

Hey, boy howdy. I haven't been online updating things as much as I would like to, but I'm beginning to see it as a good thing. That way I don't put too much info out here, you know what I mean ? Any who, check out the pics from the L.A. to O.C. Dream Ride. The ride went off without a hitch, everything and everyone that helped make it happened came through with solid colors. I can't thank them enough for all the support and help we had the days leading up to it and the day of.

It was definitely one of those experiences that all the riders and volunteers will remember for years to come. It also helped us connect biking with other social justice issues, which at the end of the day are all connected one way or another. The bike ride is going to become an annual event given the great response and support we got. Next years ride will definitely be better in terms of fund raising efforts, having more riders join us and in advocating for the Dream Act. 


Anonymous said...

Yanno what they say...once you learn to ride a bike you never forget! This is an analogy that fits many situations. For instance, once you become accustomed to hand-outs, and accepting things meant for say, citizens, when you are in fact an illegal alien, you may become unwilling to do what's right. We suspect that if what "La Jefa" suggested were plausible and you could get by begging, you would. In the land of your birth the "mendigo" is an accepted condition. Our question is, why don't you grow a pair and figure out how to support yourself in your own country?

Anonymous said...

Looked like fun. That being said,


It is very irresponsible of event organizers to not enforce 100% helmet donning during the event. I cringe at the sight of each rider that doesn't have one on. if you've only seen the things I've seen...