Monday, June 27, 2011

Immigrant Dreams

~ Art work by Artemio Rodriguez

I had a dream last night that I was deported back to Mexico, but I was able to make my way back to the U.S. by speaking English. I mentioned this to someone and they told me, "they are immigrant dreams." "Only immigrants have dreams like that." It's not the first time I've had dreams like that, about running into ICE, friends and family getting deported or me going back to Mexico. Can't really say what brings them up or the why behind them, but they happen and for the better part I just keep them as that, dreams. There's no making sense of them either because that won't get me anywhere, other than asking more questions that I don't have an answer to.

Still, there's a part of me that stops to think about the dreams and what they meant. This morning when I started pondering about it, the song 'ten years gone' by zepplin came into my mind as background noise. I guess more than anything, a common theme in those type of dreams is the passage of time and things only getting worse, rather than better. Then again all these dreams can mean nothing other than my mind trying to work things out as I visit the sandman or they can mean everything. See, that's why I just leave them be cause too many questions come up. Ayy caramba.   


Anonymous said...

Pleasant dreams.

loveandhatela said...

they say dreams are sometimes "unconscious" dreams- i believe a lot of our dreams are related/connected to our conscious present reality.

I think your dream is definitely about fear and worry.

And im glad you wrote this post because i was about to message you and ask your thoughts and opinions about JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS

I think that he should be held accountable and not be given a pass or pardon.

I don't have sympathy or pity for him and i will tell you why...he is basically a well off "white collar" illegal immigrant.
I'm sure he has some money socked away for this his current status.

He has wealthy benefactors and now also has his DEFINE AMERICA org.

He is 101% better off than 99% of the real illegal immigrants.

Should he be deported?

YES...because he lied and continued with that lie for like 18 yrs.

Im the type of guy that looks for alternatives and solutions.

But I believe that once he found out about his legal status that day at the DMV when he was 16- that moment was key for him to choose to not lie- as a minor there might of been plausible solutions.

My mom has alwats said- "La mentira dura mientras la verdad aparece"

I still believe and support the Dream Act because it was/is not the fault of the minor children brought to the USA by their parents.

But a 30 yr old man as Jose Antonio Vargas....too old too little and too late.

consequences. said...

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