Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rundown on last few weeks

Soooooo these are a few things I was going to blog about the next
day after they happened, but for some reason I didn't. Mostly
because I got caught in doing something else, which is always a good
thing for me. Idle hands are the devils play thing, and for me and
idle mind means I just think about the wrong things, unless I'm
putting those thoughts to paper, in that case, it's a good thing.

So, in no particular order; I've been doing some AB 540 workshops at
schools. I did a full day at South Gate HS thanks to the help of a
great friend, who made everything happen and set it up. She's super
cool and down go earth. Majority of the kids at these AB 540
workshops were kids who are undoc and benefited from this info, so
that alone made it a HUGE success.

I spent some much needed time with friends going through somethings,
mostly lending out my ears and thoughts as they went through stuff.
I know I've needed those spaces before, so I never turn away anyone,
no matter what I may have going on. These are my friends and just
like anyone else, I'm there for anything and everything. It's that
kind of support that helps to keep us going in the long run, not to
mention all the money we save on therapy :P

The last thing is to say how freaking awesome X-Men first class
was !!!! And Kung Fu panda 2 as well. I saw each movie the weekend
they came out and I loved them !!! X men is pretty obvious to those
who know me. The story for this movie hits very close to home, cause
of the themes of alienation, segrigation, the other, finding others
like you etc. A lot of similarities between the mutants in the movie
and being undoc. Kung Fu panda was just hilarious, great story and
moral out come and it too hit close to home. So yeah, more to come
in the next few days, like me flying fornthe very first time !!!!!

~ con safos ~