Thursday, November 17, 2011

Undocumented & Awkward

You gotta love the crew over at Dreamers a Drift. I've shared a beer or two and partied on occasion with them. They have smiles for miles and are some of the most down to earth folks, not only in the movement, but that I know. They're exceptional in articulating the life of Dreamers through film and video. Seamlessly hold up a mirror and capturing the reflection, that is our everyday lives.

This time around, they've kicked it up a notch with their new series, "Undocumented & Awkward."Like much of their other work, they ran with the simple concept of featuring some of the not so smooth parts of a dreamers life. Whether it's running into old friends and having to explain that you're still doing the same ol' 9 to 5 hustle, or having problems getting into a club that isn't matricula friendly, which was the first installment. This is how they break it down:

As undocumented immigrants living in this country, there are many instances in our lives which result in awkwardness not experienced by American citizens. Things that millions of others take for granted, such as driving to the grocery store or the ability to go to a bar to enjoy a nice cold beer after a long hard day at work, can turn into awkward silences at best, or deportation situations at worst.

I already told them how hilariously awesome the videos are, short and to the point. Of course, I couldn't help myself in throwing in a suggestion or two in there, and neither should ya'll. Send them an email over at and they might take you up on your offer. Just think of the last awkward moment you had at the bank? the store? or even on the street, it's all good in the neighborhood.