Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What it's like to be Undocumented in Alabama

It's easy to take things for granted. Staying inside your bubble whether it's in your neighborhood, city, state and even being around your own people and circles. It's easy to have a sort of protective filter that leaves us numb to what is happening anywhere else. I myself am guilty of this because I hardly leave my East L.A., Latino, and immigrant rights circles bubbles, which offer a level of protection from what goes on in the world. But once in a while, something will come along and burst that bubble, even if it's for a moment.

That's why this video of Dreamers a drift interviewing Victor, a 19 year old Dreamer who grew up in Alabama, talking about what it's like living in the south pre and post HB-56, really puts things in perspective. Watching the video and hearing him describe what he's seen and experiences, mirrors much of myself growing up here in L.A. But what's going on in Alabama right now takes it to a level that I never thought this country would reach. To instill fear in communities to the point that running away from their lively hood is the only solution. Which is ironic, seeing that most families leave their home countries because of laws and corrupt governments making it unlivable, just like Alabama.

At the same time, there's a new generation of dreamers standing up and taking on the fight, just like Victor. Seeing everything that is going on and the damage it's caused those around him, much like me, have spurred him to fight. To stand up for himself and for his community. You can't help get emotional one way or another hearing him speak. Keep your eyes and ears posted to the movement, I'm sure we'll be seeing and hearing about Victors work in Alabama as the days and months pass by.