Sunday, July 01, 2012

On fears of being an alcoholic

I started drinking about 3 years ago. The fear of being a wife beating alcoholic like my father put me off on drinking beer that tasted like yellow water or liquor that burned my throat. But eventually I came around and I rather enjoy a good drink once in a while. While I still hate all the name brand beers, I know what I like and how much I can drink.

I've puked a couple of times, had 'do you know what you did last night' moments and amassed quite a beer belly, but alcoholic I am not. I figured that I made a big deal outta what I saw booze do to my dad, specially after I went through my own experiences with booze.

Ironically, I'm a happy kind of drunk. I love to dance, tell stupid jokes and just act a fool all around, but never to the point of crossing a line. At the same time, the folks I surround myself only compliment said dancing and happiness because they're the same way. We don't drink to get sad and cry, we do it to have fun responsibly, enjoy each others company or just have real conversations about what's going on in our lives.

I'm conscious of how and when I drink because I know what can happen. I've never used booze an excuse to try to sleep with a girl, do/say something stupid or anything of the sorts. If anything, I hold myself more responsible because I know others do use that as an excuse. Besides, I'm not one for going out every weekend. I'd much rather have some scotch or a nice dark beer after a good days work to just chill and kick back with friends. It all comes down to the individual and whether they can handle their booze or not.