Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slide show interview on my experiences being undocumented

USC student Shako Liu got in contact with me a while back for her class project. She wanted to initially do a slide show on me going through the process of applying for Deferred Action. However, delays in paper work and what not delayed things and since she needed to complete her project for her class, she switched it up to me talking about my experiences being undocumented.

The slide show is what it is, me being myself and just talking about my personal experiences growing up undocumented. For the project, Shako caught me hanging out at a local coffee shop kicking it with friends, riding my bike for Ciclavia and during a party in which I was completely cross faded. In fact, at minute 1:58 you can see me smoking a fat blunt. What can I say, I love to have a good time :)