Thursday, February 28, 2013

Art from an Undocumented Perspective

Needless to say that I'm an avid supporter of art in all shape and forms, specially when it's coming from folks who are adding their voices to a grandeur of the fight for social justice. Recently, Educators 4 Fair consideration, an amazing organization based in the Bay, announced the winners for their national contest, "Things I'll Never Say." The contest encouraged undocumented young people in the U.S. to share their immigration stories in creative ways, whether it was through poetry, spoken word, art etc.

The number of submissions in all of the different categories are too many to be able to share here. But I encourage folks to take a few minutes around the site and check out the different pieces submitted that touch on issues of identity, immigration status and life obstacles that everyone faces one way or another.

More than anything, this contest conveys the hodgepodge of the immigrant movement that's always ignored. Immigration, being undocumented, struggling to survive aren't just Latino/a issues. Struggle and the need to survive don't know race, country of origin or immigration status, it's a global issue that manifest itself in unlimited capacities.