Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Taco Life Moments

Finding myself at a taco truck is nothing new. Fact is, it's almost an everyday thing for me, ever since I was a kid. It's a kind of life style I've been a part of from both sides of the truck, if you will. Yet, every once in a while, I'll be reminded of everything else that I get at taco trucks, beside food.

I think that having the ability to walk up to any taco truck or stand, to greet everyone warmly, have a conversation while the food is prepared, and leave both content in that you are full, but also in that you connect with strangers over tacos, is an ability that can't be comprehended by everyone.

Whenever I find myself at a taco truck/stand and I have those moments of connecting with folks over food, sharing tid bits of our personal lives like where we're from, how long we have been in the US and personal thoughts/commentary on what is going on with immigration reform, I truly feel at peace with myself.

I realize that I have access to folks that help keep me grounded and tell hilarious dirty jokes. At the same time, I'm reminded of my parents every time I have 'taco life' moments. Familiar faces and scenes like deja vu, standing on a corner, mouth full of carne asada, the sound of cars passing by, the meat cleaver chopping meat, the look of hungry faces. It's a symphony or sorts that can only ever be replicated by happenstance. And yet, I pity those who have never had the opportunity to have a taco life moment.