Tuesday, April 09, 2013

La Santa Cecilia: ICE El Hielo

I've had the privilege of seeing La Santa Cecilia grow as a band. They'v been putting in work for the last couple of years and the community has supported their efforts at every step possible. At the same time, the band has returned that same kind of suppor by always playing at fundraisers, parties and marches. They're a band for the by people by the people and it shows through and through.

Their latest video, "El Hielo" is a perfect example of the bands commitment to supporting the fight for social justice through their music and art. The video is part of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network's campaign #not1more. The video hit close to the heart for alotta folks and it has some familiar faces for those that organize and do work here in Los Angeles and Arizona. If you haven't seen a LSC show in person yet, be sure to follow them on facebook and catch them next time they're playing near you.