Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have a bike now

Isn't it sweet ? It's a sweet ass ride not only because I've been riding around a lot more, but because I forgot how much I missed riding a bike. I got it at a yard sale for $40, and then I got it tuned up with new wheels and everything for $70. So, total it cost me $100. $100 !!!!!!!!!!!! That's a mutha cracking deal yo !!!! And now the bike rides smoooooooooth as a whistle. The hardest part is getting my butt to the seat. It's still a tender area.

Course I had to put some stickers on it because I love putting stickers on things. That's why I dropped that Kramer sticker on the front. Who has a kramer sticker on their bike ? Yeah, that's keeping it real right there hahah. One thing a few people have also pointed out to me is that I have a womens bike. How can you tell ? Because of the frame. See how it pivots down and it doesn't go in a straight line ? Apparently that how it works. But what the hell do I care, I got a bike and a great one at that. I'm mostly going out in the evenings more than the day time cause it's way too hot and riding at night is serene. It's magical.  

And I get to see a lot more cool things since I ride around the back streets a lot.


BUDDHA said...

Yeah , it's a chicks bike but who cares? As long as you're cool with it who cares what other people think and the most important thing is that it gets you from A to B which is all that really matters anyway.
I know what you mean about getting your ass on the seat too. After not riding for a while, every time I jump back on my bike my ass is sore for like a week or so. I even bought a fancy more padded seat that looked comfortable but I still find myself standing up alot or adjusting alot when I'm sitting down. I don't know how I used to roll around on one of the hard ass plastic seats when I was a kid?

Alejandro said...

Congrats on the new ride! Also, it was a pleasure meeting you at the StoryCorps booth. Looking forward reading more of your posts.