Monday, October 11, 2010


It happens almost on a daily basis really. Every individual has their good and bad days. We all have our own issues within our lives. Everything from abuse at home, drug addiction, single parent house holds etc. So you take all that normal stuff and add being undocumented to all of that to spice things up. It gets pretty tricky. I won't get into details cause that'll take too long and I don't wanna give someone their thesis either. But I consider myself almost an unofficial expert on this because I live it. That and I'm still alive right ? Well, again, I won't go into details as to how to deal with this because it just doesn't seem right. Although I am very open about my life, this kind of information is too private, even for me.

P.S. For any haters out there who don't like immigrants like my self, suck it.


SJD said...

I think you are amazing. Keep it up. =)

loveandhatela said...

dude like ive said before-
there is a solution to everything except death.

though someone told me that death in itself is a solution- true that

just remember no matter how bad you may have it- there is someone who has it worse than you.

and this post- dated oct 11- it is national coming out day? are you trying to say something lol

im kidding wishful thinking
you are a hunky fellow - would be great to have you on our team :)

echale ganas
you got to make an effort
so in the end you wont have any regrets.
and yeah sometimes life is hard and difficult but nothing is impossible- trust me i know.

ive learned that giving say money or my time as a volunteer- an act of selflessness helps give you a different perspective and relieve some stress.
and also dont think too much lol

live in the present!

ok thanks bye.