Wednesday, May 18, 2011

365/2 Days

~ Art by Swank One ~

Once, I threw a clock across a room just to see time fly (padum pish). Bad jokes aside, looking back is a human trait that can't be denied and it's something I do on a daily basis. I tend to reflect a lot on things that make me happy to be where I am and at times on things that make me realize I still haven't gone as far as I would like, but it's all a step by step process and we have to keep our heads up. May will forever be one of those times to reflect because of events, planned and unexpected, happening and changing lives forever. 

May means that Dream Team Los Angeles is another year older, that the first undocumented civil disobedience actions took place, Tam and Cinthya transitioned into the next life, my mom getting arrested for being a street vendor and life over all, just bringing people together to make things happen that will be remembered for years to come. Life takes us to strange places and puts us in situations that we can't understand or comprehend in that moment, days, weeks, months and years after they happened. 

Truly, looking back on everything that has happened in the time of a years make me realize that time is literally flying the older I get. I'm turning 27 in July and while I may be smarter, I still have ways to go in life. Everyday I realize that things are getting better and that progress comes slowly sometimes and we have to wait patiently. With zen like patience really. Things are different than last year that's for sure. 
While I can't really say they're better, sometimes variety is as good as it'll get. So what will the next few months bring ? More bike rides, more organizing, more parties, more memories, more late night soul searching conversations over tacos on the street, new friends, new loves and new trails. Whatever may come, I'm in a place and surrounded by people who will help me make sense of it all. To all of them, I say thank you.