Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Being Ready

Hey, you know what I haven't talked about in a while ?!? Women and
relationships. I don't have either, hence I don't write about it, but
hazza for I've had a moment of reflection that has shed new light on a
life time problem, I'm just not ready. It's true, as a man I'm not
ready to be in any kind of relationship, as much as I wish that wasn't

I'm a romantic, holding hands, box of chocolates kinds guy and well, I
get bummed out when I see other couples hugging and stuff. I see them
and I want that with someone, to share those moments that never really
seem to matter when your in that moment.

But I've accepted that not only am I not ready for a healthy
relationship the way I am right now, I don't think I'm going to be
ready anytime soon really. I stop and think back on things I've done
or said and I realize how dumb they were. I don't regret them, but I
could have made things better, not worse.

I still have a ways to go before maturing in a healthy way. Whether
it's spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially, seems I'm too
unbalanced to do anything with anyone. As much as I hate go admit
that. It's just not the right time for it right now, so I'll just keep
on trucking.

~ con safos ~

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Anonymous said...

Since you are so in touch with your feminine side, and not "ready for a healthy relationship"; since you think the US (el otro lado) is where you belong, maybe el otro lado in every sense is where you'll finally have the catharsis that will free you. You already have the look and personality thing going on. Don't worry, be happy, be YOU!