Monday, February 27, 2012

Ignorance & Hate Now Available as a Thong

I really can't help but just laugh when I see things like these for sale online. Following a link from a friend on facebook, I learned that Cafe Press is selling anti-immigrant apparel, house wares and stickers online. Cafe Press, is an online corporation that basically allows anyone to sell everyday items, like thongs, add designs/messages to it and either buy or sell them to others. It's no different than when you go to the mall to buy a shirt of coffee mug with your face on it.

Given the strong sentiment of folks out there who appose immigration, it really isn't a big surprise that someone was clever enough to market hate and xenophobia on everyday items and be a good capitalist. Found under "illegals" through the websites search tab, everything from shirts, stickers chonies and calendars are all available for purchase, but they sure ain't cheap. At this point, if someone wants to wear a sheriff Joe Arpio thong, there's little to no chance on coming to a reasonable conclusion with them. 

And while I think paraphernalia like this is hilarious, it speaks more to the capitalism that profits and feeds on hate, ignorance and xenophobia. Much like the private detention centers that treat immigrants like things because of the money they'll receive from the government. Idiotic items like this thong only serve as vehicles of how this kind of hate is being normalized to the point that it's found in everyday items. Taking away from the severity and crisis it is causing to families and communities not just in the US, but all over the world.