Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Truth that Ruins the Dream

For the last few days this has been on my mind. Thinking and pondering and contemplating and reflecting on the lies of the world. It's all one big as lie, sure, but for me it's all at the personal level. Maybe I should just stop taking things so personally then, ahh but alas every fiber in my being twitches at the idea of me knowing something and but not being able to say anything about it. Instead I'll be all cryptic about it and not say anything.

However, this is a lesson to be learned here. One of patience, self restraint, respect [at the very least to myself] and of understanding. I have to power on through and stay in my own lane, ignore the other ones and just do my thing. Continue building my own self as others are crumbling around me. Like the tortoise that beat the rabbit, slow and steady.