Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Obama loves Dreamers apparently

This foo !!!! President Barrack Obama released a video today called, "Buen Ejemplo - Anuncio de Televisión de Obama for America." In the video, Obama says the following in a decent Spanish accent, "En los jóvenes conocidos como los DREAMers, veo las mismas cualidades que Michelle y yo tratamos de inculcar en nuestras hijas. Respetan a sus padres. Estudian para superarse. Y quieren aportar al único país que conocen y aman. Como padre, me inspiran. Y como Presidente su valentía me han hecho recordar que ningún obstáculo es muy grande. Ningún camino muy largo."

Loosely translated, Barrack says that he admires dreamers because we remind him of his daughters and the values they're instilling in them. That we respect our parents, want to study to move up in the world, and that we want to contribute to the country we love [the US]. That through us, we remind him that there's no obstacle too big, and no road too long.

Mutha fucker, seriously?? I call bullshit on this video. Obama got into office partly because he said he supports the Federal Dream Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He touted that he would pass both by his first term. Thus far, all he's done is deport record amount of immigrants by using vile federal programs like Secure Communities. He's promoted a militant presence on the border chalking it up to fighting drug dealers. And if it wasn't for Dreamers pushing him, he never would have thought about Deferred Action.

And even then, Deferred Action is minuscule because his administration could have done much more, but they just performed the bare minimum and alienated millions in the process. This is a cheap move by Obama, using Dreamers to get voters. Not to mention that the video takes folks to his website where there's another clip of famed talk show host, Cristina Saralegui and an ask for money.

Reducing our movement to a fucking comercial. Fuck that man, there's Dreamers out there that support Obama and his shit for whatever reason, but I'm not one of them, specially when you get to the national level. Call it different political views, but if Obama is going to try and boost his numbers and image from Dreamers, he's got another thing coming.  


Anonymous said...

I hear ya man. But one question.

Wouldn't undocumented folks SUPPORT Obama since -yes he has deported record #'s - BUT wouldn't Romney just try to double that or significantly increase deportations? not to mention he would further militarize the border and would only sign a military provision Dream Act that could divide the immigrant youth movement.

I'm just saying and I hate myself for repeating this but: it could be worse.

Daniela said...

It absolutely could be and would be worse. Obama can't do anything alone. HE needs a congress that is willing to pass the legislation he proposes! We still have a republican congress that will never allow any major reform to immigration law. I feel that in his second term, without the pressure to be re-elected, he may be more willing to take larger risks in legislation. And if, god willing, congress becomes once again Democrat dominant, we may still have a chance.

If we get Romney though... we will be part of that 47%, to be written off as useless and helpless...

No matter what, Obama is still the best choice, and I still resent the offensive tone of this post, like many others. Think about what may have happened if McCain was president. Or what would happen if Romney gets into office, advised by the same nut job behind the Arizona laws.

Just my 2 cents...