Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Uncertainty causes a lot of problems for those who don't have
confidense in themselves. I go through it sometimes, but I learned
from it and grew because of it. Tonight I gave some thought to one of
the BIGGEST "what if" in my life. What if I was born here and I did
have legal residency ? A few years back I would have said something
that wouldn't make sense and I wouldn't be able to justify or argue.

What I knew then and what I know now are leaps apart. I think back and
realize how much things have changed for the better in my life in
certain aspects. So to answer the question, life is what you make it.
It's pointless to spend time and energy thinking about something that
didn't happen. A persons life is set out in front of them, whether
their life is to change the world or change the world of one person.

There are people that if I hadn't met, I wouldn't be where I'm at now.
It's because of them that I'm able to do what I do because they
instill and inspire the greatness
I'm capable of. What if I was a chick ? A goat ? What if I was like
everyone else and didn't give a rats ass about my community ?
Everything happens for a reason whether we have the capability to
understand it and comprehend it. Our lives are laid out for us by the
destinies because there's different paths to the same destinatio. We
just play it out. So trucha. You never know when you'll take a left
turn on easy street.
~ con safos ~