Saturday, June 06, 2009


Hmm... It's odd to have support from others for me. My family supports me, but they never showed it or made a big deal outta of it. They don't fully understand what I do here as a journalist, but I know they still support me intheir own way. So when I was at a dinner for the California Chican@ News Media Association tonight, I felt weird and not just because this was my first time wearing suit. Ever.

After having a drink, enjoying a great chicken dinner and dessert, the night got underway and amazing people were honored for their work chronicling Latinos and their struggles in mainstream media. From there scholarship winners were put on the spot light, me being one of them.

There were only four outta the seven recipients present and we got a standing ovation from everyone in the room. To have support like that, not just because they believe in me and gave me a scholarship, but because we're carrying on with the work they are doing. Writting about our communities and having more people of color in newsrooms. Our lives mirrow each other in that we continue on with the work the CCNMA Association started 29 years ago. With so much support, not just from them but from friends and family, I'll make them proud.
~ con safos ~