Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heart of a Heroine

"A Hiketeia is an ancient Greek ritual that binds two individuals in a relationship of mutual respect and service for life. Bound by honor to eternally protect and care for each other. One who has the ritual performed for them cannot refuse. Breaking or refusing the oath is subject to punishment directly from the Greek Gods themselves. It's considered the holiest of Greek Rituals. The only thing that can break this holiest of bonds is death itself. The Hiketeia is a Greeks last hope of protection when all else fails." 

I have always idolized and romanticized the idea of heroes/heroines in my mind and heart. Fictional ones that have powers and real ones, who encourage me to continue on in my life and guide me from time to time. In comics, heroes and heroines always have a defining moment in their lives that push them or help them decide to do what they do. At times, that decision comes after personal struggles of not accepting that role, not wanting that role and/or not believing in themselves enough to fulfill that role of a hero/heroine. With great power, comes great responsibility right ? Like any real true hero/heroine, they don't see themselves in that way because to them, they are doing what is right. What needs to be done for the greater good. Being unselfish and giving their lives and souls to everyone else. Heroes/Heroines don't even know they are one because they are too caught up in the cause and struggle they are fighting for.

Heroes/Heroines are those that spur others into actions. That motivate us to continue forward and those that will be remembered for years to come. Their unselfish act meant that thousands more would not have to suffer. I am thankful to say that I have met plenty of heroes/heroines in my life, but not like the one I talked to today. Never in my life have I seen soo much courage, passion and heart exude from an individual that I had to stop to breath and take it all in. I am proud to say that because of their sacrifice, I will grow as a person and follow in their foot steps. I am proud to say that I stand with them, side by side through thick and thin. Today, I met a heroine who will change the face of everyone with her will and heart. I will pray that the universe gives her the strength she will need to continue on. The stamina to face everything that will come her way. Strength beyond strength to return from this trial safe. We stand together on a mountain of DREAMS, telling ourselves it's not as hard as it seems.