Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 years later

When May rolls around, one thing that comes to mind is the job. I started working where I'm at right now on May 15 or 17 in 2007. I took it because I needed it and because I had no other choice really. I have seen things that at times have made me loose hope in my fellow human beings. I have seen the face of racism and ignorance. I have seen the problems of this country and taken their order. I write about these experiences and will forever hold on to them because I know the truth about people. I know how they really are and I will never forget that. I use it as fuel to push me through life so I will never become like that. I wrote a poem about during my lunch break.

 I should be thankful that at least I have a job

"Its better to die on your feet
Than to live on your knees"
For in this life
We all make sacrifices
We all put up with things
A dead end job here
A way to make ends meat and have a place to sleep there
Should I be thankful that I have a job but I hate it ?
Should I be thankful that I'm at a job in which I give up my dignity and integrity so I can eat ?
Should I be thankful that I'm at a job that is killing me spiritually ?
"Hi welcome to this corporate fast food establishment that sells you the most harmful food you could eat in less than 5 minutes. How can I help you kill yourself with fatty foods today ?"
( impersonating a typical customer)
uhhh yeah, wat y'all put on yo tacos ?
(They come with x y z)
Ohh okay, how much them cost here ?
They cost what ?
Y'all tripping at the corporate fast food restaurant where I live they cost less.
Shooo everything in downtown expensive
(Smile and nod passively)
Ok then
Gimmy 5 tacos then, mmhmm
(Anything else?)
Yeah, hold on
Shakwanda !!! Wat chu want on yo tacos !?!
What ?!
What !?
Hold on, lemme call her
(Dials cell phone and places it on her ear)
I said wat chu want on yo taco .......
That's it ? .......
What does Kevin want ? .......
Ok .....
Uhhhh gimmy fo' moe' tacos
And umm ...... How much that burrito cost up there
Ok gimmy one of them and uhhhh .....
4 cups of water
Wha' cha' mean y'all charge fo' a cup of water ?
Well how much is it !? .....
Fifdy cents !?!
Ohhh hell nah, y'all tripping charging fifdy cent for a cup of water
Just gimmy two small drinks before I hurry up and change my mind
(order up)
(Five minutes later she returns)
Hey !!!
(Yes ?)
This taco has cheese on it, I don't want cheese on it, I told you that !!
(ok we'll exchange it for you)
Y'all better not do anything to my food neither
I'm right here watching y'all hmm
Damn mezicans
Ey !! Ey !!!
Tell her to put more meat on that shit
She barely put anything
And tell her to add some sour cream too
Yeah that's good
Thank you
I guess I should be thankful that I have a job so I can continue to eat, sleep and go to school
At least I have a job right ?
And I should be thankful for that .....